ZGM Express Logistics Cargoes LTD

ZGM Express Logistics Cargoes provides service to today’s and tomorrow’s companies-large or small. Whether your company has a vast experience in shipping services or is a one-time shipper, ZGM Express Logistics Cargoes can handle all of your shipping needs – hassle-free!

ZGM Express Logistics Cargoes we have a simple business philosophy that wins–wins through cooperation. We understand the balance between excellent service, competitive pricing, a strong commitment to detail and an outstanding vision of customers’ needs. We stand behind our expertise, our reputation, and our approach to assisting you with making your transportation decision an easy one.

ZGM is your surest plug when considering the importation of all kinds of materials for interior and exterior use. Our importation services include but are not limited to Forklifts, Trucks, Excavators, Machinery, Equipment, Cars and Demolisher.

We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities and provide you with complete customer satisfaction.


We carry out the business of providing Logistics Services, Material Management, Transportation, Warehousing, and Distribution, Marketing Of Goods, to provide Storage and Protection of Goods.

To Carry On Business As Clearing Agents, Commission Agents, Freight Contractors, Forwarding Agents, Licensed Agents, Order Suppliers And All Kinds Of Agency Business And Dealers In All Kinds Of Goods And Merchandise, Raw Or Manufactured, Of Any Description, Quality, Kind And Variety.

To Provide All Kinds Of Logistics Consultancy Services.

To Undertake And Carry On The Business Of Courier Services For Carrying Packages, Parcels And Other Items; Loading And Unloading Forwarding And Clearing Agents, Warehousemen, For And On Behalf Of Owners Of Goods, Luggage, Parcels, Materials, Articles, Other Goods And Products Of All Kinds And Descriptions.

To Carry, Collect, Receive, Load, Unload, Store, Consign, Distribute, Transfer And Deliver Goods, Wares, Merchandise, Parcels, Packages, Baggage, Freight, And Other Property Of Every Description By Any Mode Of Transport And For Such Purpose To Acquire, Manage And Operate Warehouses And Bonded Warehouses, Act As Agents For Consigners, And To Issue Warehouse Warrants And Receipts And Bills Of Lading And To Act As Clearing And Forwarding Agents.

To Carry On The Business Of Clearing And Forwarding Agents, Courier And Cargo Handlers, Handling And Haulage Contractors, Warehousemen, Common Carriers, Container Agents, Handle Goods And Passengers Within The Country And Outside And Carry And To Act As Customs Agents, Wharfingers, Landing Agents, Stevedores And Longshoremen.

To Carry On In Nigeria Or Elsewhere The Business As Importers And Exporters Of Goods Or Merchandise Or To Render Services Of Any Description And To Act As Forwarding And Clearing Agents.

To Carry On In Nigeria And Anywhere Else In The World, Business Of Providing Transportation And Courier Solutions And Services In All Its Forms And Manage, Run, Contract, Handle, Operate As Consultancy/provider Of Supporting And Auxiliary Transport Activities For Transporting Goods On All Routes And Lines On National And International Levels.


To Establish, Organize, Manage, Run, Charter, Conduct, Contract, Develop, Handle, Own, Operate And Do The Business Of Transporting Goods, Articles, Or Things On All Routes And Lines On National And International levels.