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Emmanuel Kolade

ZGM Mining

ZMG started her mining activities in the North (Zamfara State). We acquire some land from the cadastral office but as a result of the critical situation bewildering Zamfara and other Northern regions; has made us relocate back here in Southwestern Nigeria, currently operating in Osun State and some parts of Kwara State. Mining is a good and quite lucrative business and employing very good technology becomes vital. We have good quality gold here in Nigeria – for instance, in Zamfara, and Osun State. Apart from gold, we have a lot of precious stones that the nation is yet to utilize 10% of it. For the smooth run of our mining activities, we ensure the safety of our workers and the expatriates. It is our delight to let you know that we have a mining site in Ghana and the work is ongoing. Mining is a lucrative business for us at ZGM and we are doing well in this regard.


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