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I tend to steer clear of tomato paste because all my years cooking I didn’t find a single tomato paste brand I consider suitable. They usually tasted processed and artificial. This was until I found Mama Put. It tasted fresh, natural and filled with flavor. Now I use it for 90% of my recipes and they always turn out fire.

Emmanuel Kolade

ZGM Mama Put Tomato

It is a thick and rich tomato paste made from fresh and natural tomato plantations. Our Tomato Paste is excellent in ingredients and packaging. Well known for its quality, freshness, delicious taste, high solid material and nutritional content. The paste is manufactured from fresh tomatoes and processed for desired consistency. We introduce modern tomato processing plant methods; we bring forth a quality line of Tomato Paste. It has a natural flavour and rich taste. Also, the processed tomato paste is rich in texture and high in purity. We ensure a long shelf life and secure packaging of the Paste or Sauce. It is good for your party Jollof rice, Stew and other cooking.

We offer excellent wholesale service to our clients.

Tomato Production

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